View Full Version : banned in Project Reality btf2

6th July 2015, 02:35:55
hi my name 7PrO 19 years old guy i got banned in (Smack dat AAS) server for using a helicopter
im rly sorry for that im new in the game is there any hope to get unbanned and i appreciate all the help you give me guys thx!!

6th July 2015, 05:32:45
First, welcome to our forums.

About your ban as I assume, please remember if you don't have much experience with certain asset and you loose it because you don't properly know how to operate it, it is considered as asset waste.

So please, train in coop servers, where if you fail while trying out things, less harm will be done.

Admins, who took decision will look into this shortly.

6th July 2015, 09:17:59
Was 7PrO the name you were using in game? Also what date did this happen and on what map?

EDIT: I assume that because you used the new server name this happened yesterday (Sunday 05/06)?

6th July 2015, 12:22:32
This was after the chaotic Ia drang round. If you realize that you should not jump into assets you are not familiar with and to join respective squads for the assets you are about to use I would have no problem letting you back on the server.
Also be polite to others at all times.

If you do any of the same things again, the ban will be a short distance away.

6th July 2015, 21:16:44
so can i join again pls or no?

7th July 2015, 20:50:06
Yes, we have lifted the ban. Welcome back.

7th July 2015, 21:44:43
thx sir

8th July 2015, 23:39:34
/im not unbanned why?:(

9th July 2015, 00:52:43
Yea, my bad. You were unbanned, then I had to restore a backup of the banlist and you got rebanned.

You should be good now(after next restart).