View Full Version : Banned due to sorta misunderstanding or abuse

4th August 2015, 19:57:34
Me and my lads were up an runnin for the block and then this squad of frogs throws a rope over the wall, my mate pops a couple shots in the wall and they all go RIBBITTY ROO on us cause we can't play the game or some shit. Then they get over the wall and one of em pops a cap in my lad there. So then I pop a cap in return to the frog and tell em to get tae fuck with his attitude.

Right, I'm worthy of that ban, and I don't disagree, but get that [UAA] semtex or whatever the fuck was his name out as well so I can still look at this server from time to time and say "yeah they have good mods".
Especially since one of my squaddies got banned when he didn't do anything, he didn't shoot once at em, and I think he's gonna make an appeal as well. That's garbage mate, I play the video games for fun not to get mad at this kinda shit. If my other mates were banned I want them unbanned as well cause that's poo poo and ya know it.
This was on the Smack dat AAS server.

4th August 2015, 20:05:08
You are just temp banned, which means you can rejoin again tomorrow.

In the future I recommend that you check your fire and attitude in and out of the game.

4th August 2015, 20:10:00
Right, cheers, but I hope the UAA lads get their own spanking because they pointed fingers at me and Edge for something we didn't do.

5th August 2015, 01:58:49
There was a little teamkilling going about and the UAA guys got a little worked up when they got teamkilled. They reported it as intentional, and to avoid further escalation you were temp banned. As said above, the ban will be lifted tomorrow.
I also talked to the UAA guys over mumble.
Be careful with the fire, and use your map actively.

5th August 2015, 03:24:42
None of em got teamkilled, we shot a couple fires at the wall they were trying to climb and they started screaming their lungs off in local.
Then they shot one or two of our guys dead and kept on yelling and calling us names. If anything THEY killed us intentionally.

There was a single teamkill on our side and it was mine, but that was after they shot our guys dead. Not before.

5th August 2015, 11:56:00
Ok. We'll look into it and keep a closer eye on them.
Remember, even if you get teamkilled or offended, that does not give you the right to fire back at them and teamkill one of them either. It just makes it a lot harder to admin the situation.

You are free to join the server today, welcome back.

5th August 2015, 14:12:57
Cheers, sorry for the trouble.