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4th August 2015, 19:58:23
So I was in a squad with pubs playing on Muttrah City. As we were holding a certain position someone beside me yells "Enemies behind the wall" as I saw a grappling hook over it. Naturally my first reaction is to swing round my MG3 and spray the thing. Next thing I hear is FF or Blue on Blue or w/e so I'm like "shit". (I think I didn't even kill even kill anyone, didn't see it anyway.) So I say sorry on proximity chat and next thing I know me and these other pubbers get mown down by these [UAA] guys. I seem to remember a [UAA]Semtex in particular and French cussing but w/e. So we get revived and one guy in my squad seems to take it out on him back in TK's. Nothing to do with me. Next thing I know I'm kicked and banned? I admit to using bad language (omg god forbid) but come on to hell? I get TK'd for an honest mistake (a mistake I don't even think I managed to do) and banned for being in the squad of someone who purposely TK'd in revenge (again that had NOTHING to do with me?).

Ingame name is [BrmA]Edge0183, would appreciate it if you took the time to look into this.


4th August 2015, 20:02:42
We will look into it. Expect a reply from the admin in question soonish.

4th August 2015, 21:21:24
I got reports that they are under fire by friendlies and it did not stop. If this is the case, I apologize. Your ban can be lifted.

In future, please pay attention to friendly positions, check your fire and watch your tone.

We are not tolerant to teamkillers and usually doing everything to prevent situation escalation and decrease the made damage.

4th August 2015, 21:36:13
Thanks for the quick assistance. But yeah, it was one of those moments that someone screamed that enemies were 20m from our position so I instantly reacted. Was pretty rude of those guys to TK over a mistake but ah well. Thanks again.

5th August 2015, 01:57:40
There was a little teamkilling going about and the UAA guys got a little worked up when they got teamkilled. They reported it as intentional, and to avoid further escalation you were temp banned. As said above, the ban will be lifted tomorrow.
Be careful with the fire, and use your map actively.