View Full Version : JizzMasterFlex WW2 OD-S Server ban

7th January 2016, 22:20:01
I was playing WW2 mod last night thankfully on your server which is the only populated and hosted good. I know I got upset that people were taking tanks under 15v15 and decided to be butt hurt and claim to get a admin in here saying I was in teamspeak. Not understanding what were the repercussions i believe someone screenshoted my claims. I'm totally wrong by impersonated a admin. I never wanted to get ban and truly sorry for my offense. Im looking for forgiveness so I can come back to play on the one and only WW2 server which is yours .


10th January 2016, 04:37:14
Could have just requested an actual admin via teamspeak to get the same result minus the ban.

10th January 2016, 14:27:31
Yes. I know, I fucked up but I never used the tank to get rid of the grey hound it was the 88 at west bridge. Look im sorry I just really want to play WW2 again and being banned on the now populated server really stinks :(

10th January 2016, 17:14:01
Do you promise to behave like a model citizen in the future? If we catch you being a tool, the next solution will be much more final...

10th January 2016, 18:01:10
I promise to never behave a like a fool and put the team forward and bury my selfish infuriating ways.

10th January 2016, 19:05:08
Aight. Zrix, unban him.

10th January 2016, 21:10:28
Gone on next restart.