View Full Version : Blackbirds Ban appeal

17th January 2016, 18:57:56
So i was playing pr ww2 last night and i dont know why i got banned but i think it was because i killed one teammate on accident cause i thought he was an enemy and because i accidently destroyed a fob but im still not sure who banned me and why i got banned.

17th January 2016, 21:29:28
You were banned for intentional teamkilling, including an admin. We'll say what the banning admin has to say.

20th January 2016, 16:34:19
ooooh i remember this guy. Spawns in, shoots a guy at our fob, I watch the commotion waiting for blackbirds next move, decides to shoots me and then i saw a ban message appear.

24th January 2016, 14:03:53
So have you contacted the admin yet cause im still perma banned

24th January 2016, 14:38:35
I haven't but he posted above you. Sound like a done deal, ban stays.

Case closed.