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    Game Mods

    A thread to list and discuss PC Game Mods.

    First off, DayZ has been fully ported to Arma3:
    News article:
    Installation Tutorial:
    Official Mod Website and Download:

    2. Diaspora
    TO hold you over until StarCitizen

    3. DarthMod for Shogun II DLC
    IT's been greenlighted on Steam Workshop, so it's simply a one click install now. Which is cheating, installing a Total War mod should require at least 3 hours and a cup of coffee.

    4. Vice City Stories: PC Edition
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod | Released Jun 5, 2013

    Someone post some good GTA IV mods and I'll find my CD key on an old hdd.
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    Torn Stars: Unstable Space
    Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos mod

    Closest thing around to Star Citizen. This mod never was completed, but it's a playable beta.

    You can buy Independence War 2 here:
    The game is so old I can't even find another way to buy it , heh.

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    Forgotten Hope for Bf1942. So much fun, and there is still a populated server 24/7!

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