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Thread: War of the Factions - Commander Announcement

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    We'll pay in shekels if that's ok with you.

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    Beware the juice

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    I will join vikings (if me joins at all) fuck you all i dont gief a shit about speeches son.

    Also i gief shit about balance, learn how to get rekt properly bitsches.

    Aint "babysitting the retards" as usual fuck dat put em all in one team pls and make it a rapefest.

    Headless out, peace.

    Edit: Fuck you.

    Pls forgief rant. Is just german humour, is fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeadlessChicken86 View Post

    Pls forgief rant. Is just german humour, is fun.

    There is no such thing

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    War of the Factions - Signups are open!

    Signups are open!
    After some lengthy preparations, both teams are now ready to accept new recruits! While there's still a few kinks to iron out, we now have these forums and our Teamspeak server up and running. All that's missing is you, and all the other players to fill out the space.

    The Teams
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________

    The Vikings
    The Vikings is the BluFor team in the tournament. Their commander is Helfer and his team is ready to accept new squad leaders and grunt into their ranks.The Viking team will have access to the following factions:the United States military past and present, French-, British-, Canadian-, Dutch- and German forces, along with the IDF.

    Fighting for freedom? Join the Vikings!

    Viking Application

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________

    The Eurasian-Exarchate

    The Eurasian Exarchate is the RedFor team in the tournament. Their commander is al-Khidr, who are eager to fill out his ranks with fresh officers, squad leaders and grunts. The Eurasian Exarchate will consist of the Russian, MEC, PLA, Militia and NVA forces, along with the Insurgent faction and the ARF.

    Want to give those sneering imperialist scums what they deserve? Join the Eurasian Exarchate!

    Eurasian-Exarchate Application
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____
    Application Process
    After you have chosen your team and filled out the application form, a thread will be made with your information. The CO or XO will then go over your application and either accept or deny it. Be prepared to get interviewed on Teamspeak before being accepted.
    You may highlight which role you would like to take in the team, however understand that the commander will need to place you in a squad which you are most needed. We can't all be pilots or squadleaders, as much as we would want to, so respect the decision and try to improve your skills over time. One day you might end up with the role you strived for anyway!

    Teamspeak Information
    or simply click this link:

    War of the Factions
    Just a reminder for those of you who don't know what War of the Faction is.
    The idea behind the War of the Factions ("WF") is simple, and borrows mechanics from the real time strategy genre: the commanding officers choose what faction they want to use, along with which vehicles they want to field for a certain battle. Every asset costs a certain amount of points, and whatever points are left after the CO's have finished shopping is used as tickets during the actual battle.
    To add further depth, commanders may also adopt different doctrines, such as close air support, armored warfare or mechanized infantry, which alters the cost of certain assets. There are, of course, some map limitations, because it's pretty damn hard to land a F16 on Fools Road, but other than that, the possibilities are almost endless.

    Battles, rules and maps.

    This is the first campaign of the War of the Factions. To simulate a advancing force, battles will be fought along a line, going from node to node, with the ultimate goal to push the enemy team off the line. The closer you are to your own edge, the more tickets you'll have access to. The intention of this setup is to counter any major balance issues between teams, and changes to the system might be carried out as we go.

    With this tournament, we're trying to break new ground. Even if the War of the Factions concept is well tested, it has not been carried out on this scale before. This means that certain aspects of the tournament, such as vehicle prices, will have to change in order to balance up the teams. We ask you all to be patient with this, and assure you that our highest goal is to give you all a Project Reality experience that you've never had before. Technical issues might also arise as a consequence of this, but we are confident in our technicians to sort things out in time.

    With this system, you'll have to download new map files before each battle, since we're changing major parts of it every time. A automated system for download will be made available in time before the battles start.

    We've put a lot of time and effort into this, and hope you're just as excited as we are!

    As always you are welcome to join our website at and join our teamspeak at

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    doesnt look like too many people signed up?

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    True, we are still missing some, but its not that bad either. Alot of vikings didn't use the application form.

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    Wicca axed us to join vikings team, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vista View Post
    We'll pay in shekels if that's ok with you.
    okay with me

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