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Thread: [NEW] Infantry Teamwork Night - 07.12.2014 - 19:00PRT

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    [NEW] Infantry Teamwork Night - 07.12.2014 - 19:00PRT

    The [NEW] community would like to invite you to another Infantry Teamwork Night next sunday at 1900PRT. We will ensure that both teams have commanders and are balanced, if requested we do !restart's to give the teams additional time for preparation and briefing. We expect everyone joining to play professional and teamwork oriented at all times! Not following CO orders may gets you kicked from the server!

    - Maplist -
    Kokan Insurgency INF | Ramiel Insurgency INF | Iron Ridge Insurgency INF

    If the server is still populated after we finished Iron Ridge we will run mapvotes and play some regular layouts and AAS.

    We ask clans and bigger groups who would like to play together to join the [NEW] TeamSpeak for balance discussions. We will try to keep the teams balanced and switch clans if needed.

    [NEW] Teamspeak

    By joining the server you agree to respect and follow the server rules of the [NEW] New Era Warfare Server. All rules will be strictly enforced by the admin team. There will be no password on the server and no sign-ups are required. Please take a look at them:

    [NEW] Server Rules

    Join us on our IRC channel and have a chat with us @ #newcommunity

    See you on the caches!

    [NEW], [3dAC], [KSK], =ITW= & Team Chode

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    so many fucks given

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    insurgency is cancer

    also jaeger, you are using low quality version on the sig, why is this?

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    Well you made it so...

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