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Thread: New high-end computer

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    Congrats! You got a game that can't even be purchased! (Because it's so bad on PC they pulled it from Steam)

    Question, that i7-5820k is expensive, did you choose that for the DDR4?

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    The i7-5820k was on a daily sale at the retailer, and it did only cost around 50$ more. So I just went with it.

    I am probably adding an extra gtx 980ti by the end of the year. Also the cooling might get changed.

    And btw, I did not buy two 250gb ssds. I have one unused I got for Christmas and newer got around to installing it.

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    Looking forward to this:

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    Obama called, he wants his money back

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    What monitor do you have for that GTX 980ti you got?

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    I took the money from Greece, not Obama!

    Asus PB287Q

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    Im gonna go ahead and say it.

    OP is a fagget

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    And to use all the dimme-money on a computer....

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    Haven't gotten those yet. This was just part of my regular salary. Dimm next week.

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