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Thread: OD-S Public Server Rules

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    Post OD-S Public Server Rules

    These rules may change at any time, and it is your responsibility to know them when playing on our server.
    Latest revision: 2015-07-25

    1) General rules
    1.1) Server language is English. Squad chat may be non-english if all members can understand it.
    1.2) All players are required to have a working microphone and to be responsive on Mumble.
    1.3) Players should be respectful to everyone. Insults, racism, etc will not be tolerated.
    1.4) Play hard, but play fair.
    1.3a) Play for the team or go somewhere else. Working against or sabotaging your own team is forbidden.
    1.4b) Revealing information(FOB locations, vehicles status, ticket counts, etc) to the enemy team is forbidden.
    1.5) Admins wear the [OD-S] tag. They are the law. If an incident is not covered by these rules, they have final say.
    1.6) Teamkilling is strictly forbidden. If there's an issue with a player, contact an admin.
    1.7) Cheating and/or glitching is strictly forbidden. If you have accidentally experienced a glitch, inform an admin immediately.
    1.8) Shooting at, entering or calling in mortars/arty onto an enemy mainbase is forbidden.
    1.8a) In cases when a repair station is located outside of a main base, it and its surrounding area or flag is to be treated as a main base until it is capturable. (Examples; Muttrah docks and Beirut factory)
    1.9) Obstructing the game by for example blocking exits or intentionally injuring teammates is forbidden.
    1.10) Players are required to follow squadleader and commander orders.
    1.11) Avoid spamming chat or Mumble.
    1.11a) Please keep mumble local speech to a minimum after the first squad has been created.
    1.12) Deployable structures must not be used or constructed to create an unfair advantage or "glitch".
    1.12a) You are not allowed to build anything inside the Dome of Death.
    1.12b) Deployables may not be built in such a way that they not able to be spotted or destroyed(Example: FOB completely inside a building).
    1.12c) If a FOB enables players to spawn inside a static, it must be destroyed immediately. If you are unable to, report it to an admin.

    2) Squads
    2.1) Do not create squads before 2:00 minutes.
    2.2) Do not lock infantry squads with fewer than 6 members.
    2.3) Heavy assets are to be manned by correctly named squads. (Examples; Tank, APC, CAS, Trans, etc)
    2.3a) Duplicate squads are not allowed. The first squad created gets the asset.
    2.3b) Name your squad as specified above. Do not name it after the specific vehicle itself. Neither should the name be too general. (Examples: T-90, Stryker, BMP-3, armour, vehicles, flying)
    2.3c) APC Squad includes all "variants" like IFV, APC, Recon vehicles, etc.
    2.3d) Vehicles that only require a single or no crewman to operate are not reservable, and counts as normal transports. (Examples; Unarmed BRDM, VAB, Logistics M113)
    2.3e) Combined asset squads (Examples: CAS/Trans, Tank/APC) are permitted if the squad can fully man all of the available assets. This only applies for assets of similar types. You may be asked by an admin to combine asset squads when the server is full.

    3) Assets/Vehicles
    3.1) Avoid excessive roadkilling. You are not required to completely avoid running players over, but circling just to roadkill is not allowed.
    3.2) Stealing vehicles that are, or have just been, used by other players is forbidden.
    3.3) Vehicles should be crewed properly. No solo-driving or wasting assets.
    3.3a) This is not a training server. Only use assets that you know how to use properly.
    3.3b) AA vehicles are allowed to be single-crewed, however two is preferred. Tank/APC-squads get first priority on them.
    3.4) Avoid driving transport vehicles alone. Try to arrange for a pickup instead.
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