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Thread: Back into Video Cutting/Editing

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    Back into Video Cutting/Editing

    So im back into Video Editing and Cutting
    (another OD-S movie, yes?)

    For those currently active in that field, what would be the programs best to be used at the moment. Last time I was active was some 4-5 years ago and what I used was:

    Windows Movie Maker, obviously...

    Sony Vegas
    3DS Max (additional 3D effects)
    Audacity (sound editing)
    Photoshop (picture editing)
    VLC (external video streamer, as Vegas internal was slow as hell?!)

    Edit: Forgot to add, that Ill be doing videos for airsoft (not the guy) mostly, high paced, 3-10 minutes long ish

    Thnks for any input
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    Sony Vegas for cutting, after effects for compositing (torrent all plugins from Videocopilot and Red Giant for a lot of additional useful and solid kinda preset template options that allows you to bring down time-heavy effects to the necessary options along with an easy handling), 3ds max for as you said additional 3d effects, consider vray renderer aswell, its easy and very beautiful and i forgot the name, a program to track the scene in 3d and translate it into a file that after effects can read so you composit the whole 3d scenery.

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