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Thread: SQUAD Scrim: Detachment Sierra vs TAW

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    SQUAD Scrim: Detachment Sierra vs TAW

    My name is Avguste and I am the Division Commander for the TAW SQUAD Division. visit us at*
    I am posting this message to inquire about the possibility to organize a scrimmage between Operational Detachment Sierra*and the TAW SQUAD Division. I have both EU and NA Battalions, so we are able to compete in either timezone. Please don't hesitate to email me at or message me on forums.

    Thank you very much

    LTC Avguste
    TAW SQUAD Division Commander*

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    We have maybe like 3 active players. We'll revisit this when the game isnt shit.

    (Sorry Lito)

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    gee thanks.

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    Thank you for your support.

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