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Thread: Boojzah people! (introducing miiself)

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    Boojzah people! (introducing miiself)

    Hee you'll,

    I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.

    My name is Dagmar, im from Holland and im 22 years old.
    Hobbys are: Gaming, doing airsoft (since its legel for a year now )
    mountainbiking, relaxing, going to the movies and playing some GTA5 online on my PS3 (gaming :P)

    i thought of joining OD-S but then again, ur looking for people who fully commit, and since im just a all around gamer (BF4, Company of Heroes 1 & 2, PR1, Red Orchestra 2, and some other random games i play) and stick to a game for a while, and then hop to another because im bored of the last game and only play it now and then, and then off to the next .. again i dont feel i would be an valuable asset to the detachment.

    I'm just looking for a steady group of PR players to play with so i do have a continues and steady teamplay experience
    and not have to leave cause the squad is crap and full of non team players.

    I have ur teamspeak, you 'll see my now and then on there.
    U can invite me on Xfire (wnxploppie) so we can meet and play or do another game. im open for it!
    People who would like to add me, go ahead. Who doesnt want me, no hard feelings !

    Dagmar (koekiemonster)

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    (Ok, I already like this guy.) Thank you for signing up mate. Welcome to our forums.

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    Welcome Friend.

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