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Thread: OD-S #1 Smack dat AAS ban. Bf2

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    OD-S #1 Smack dat AAS ban. Bf2


    First I'd like to say hello to everyone playing PR!
    Today I was banned on OD-S #1 Smack dat AAS server fo teamkilling. I would like to explain this.
    For the first, Id like to say I was playing this server for last few days with my friends. We allways do teamplay with rules.
    First teamkill I made was because when I was driving armored pickup someone shoot to us (driver and me) so I shoted the guy in affect before I realise it was guy from our team. The i got Kicked. Ok. The second teamkill I get because of really bad missclick. Someone in our team was standing on our Crate. I get to crate to change KIT and then durring choosing kit I made missclick (I pull out "T" and clicked "left mouse") and shoot to the guy who wast on the crate. Then I get ban. I feel really bad about this. I would like to play with my friends still on this server and I asking is there any chance to get unban?
    These situations was about 1 hour ago. My nick on server was "oscardo"
    Thanks in advance. Waiting to hear from you.
    Greetings. Oscardo.

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    Welcome to our forums.

    Thank you for posting appeal. We will look into this shortly.

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    It's a temporary ban, will disappear after next server restart(tomorrow).

    You will receive a better reply later on once we've discussed it.
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