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Thread: Ban Appeal from [OD-S] #1 - PR:WW2

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    Ban Appeal from [OD-S] #1 - PR:WW2

    I was banned on the server [OD-S] #1 - PR:WW2 from project reality ww2. I wasn't doing anything wrong I was going to pick up a kit from a crate then it says I got banned by a server admin or excessive team killing. I didn't teamkill anyone that i know of so im wondering why I was banned. Username is drums123456 the account i got banned from.

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    You got temp-banned for sharing intel(ticket count in this case) to the other team. It's a direct violation of rule 1.4b. You got a ban instead of a warning because you did it right after I warned another player about the same thing.

    [19:09 GLOBAL ] ryzwind: how many ticks
    [19:09 GLOBAL ] drums123456: 130

    Since it's a temporary ban it will be gone after next restart. Don't do it again.

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